Drew's Cassette Projects

OLD SCHOOL!! I've been going through my old cassette tapes as of late. I use to mix tapes for the car back in the day. Decided to rip some of them to digital when I get time now and then. The darn things in many cases have held up pretty well considering the intense heat they've encountered over the years. There's a glitch here and there though. Adds to the magical sound of tape LOL.... Some mixes are a bit strange for some people, but the first one, not so much. Genesis, Cars and Bowie favorites. There are two highest quality mp3 files, Side A and Side B of the cassette. These were all taped from LPs so the old "record noise" is present. Kinda miss that now and then...

Tape 2 was a rather eclectic mix of stuff. It was labeled "Misc Pop Rock TRash"

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